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You've heard us talk about our great clothes, friendly and expert service, and loyal and satisfied customers. But don't just take our word for it, listen to what they have to say. The testimonials below are all from letters we have received, and which are on file at our store. Come and see for yourself!


Thank You for the dress socks. It was no problem to wait for your brother to come with his car . I realize parking is difficult. Thanks again I really appreciate your thoughtfulness. Mike

Dear Gina,

I want to thank you so very much for allowing me over a year to come by and redeem my credit.  The Italian flip flops were a fantastic hit with my son, and the sweater was a stunning fit!
I will be sure to come by to see you next year when I travel up for business.  Once again, thank you for your kindness and patience.
Sheila K. Tompkins

Ashland, VA

Hi Gina, thanks for getting back to me so quickly!  Pity about the jacket but I'm looking forward to receiving that beautiful shirt.  Will let you know as soon as it arrives, so don't panic!  Happy holidays to you too!!  And all the best for 2008!  I'll come and visit you (and no doubt buy a few more things...) when I'm back in nyc in february.
All the best John

I am Neil Williams, the fellow from San Antonio, Texas who was visiting New York a couple of weeks ago & stopped into the shop, looked around, spotted a neat shirt, tried it on---and loved it, and then bought it.  It's the dark stripe, and it goes great with my khaki slacks (and others), and looks really sharp.  I wore it to the brunch at Cafe DeVille 3rd & 13th), the day after the party I was attending.  I also wore it yesterday to a Thanksgiving dinner at a very good friends condo.  By the way, in cold weather (we are in the 40's today--feels just like it was when I was in NYC!!), it goes great with a mild (dull?) yellow sleeveless sweater that I have.  It really dresses it up & looks sharp.
Thanks--and I've checked out your web site too.   The only thing you might want to list is your hours--or was that omitted for safety/security purposes.
Neil     TEXAS

Prince Charles III is the most pleasurable shopping experience in New York .  Gina Karin Os mens wear shop provides sharp fashionable stylish clothes at great prices.  Ginas eye for color, design and texture has revved up my wardrobe and I cant thank her enough.  Shes hands on and helpful and she knows what makes me look good.  Shes my stylist and my personal shopper, my friend in the business.  Thanks Gina!!!

David Kantar     NEW YORK , CITY

Hello Gina!

Thanks for the pictures!
Im wearing my new clothes - I even sleep in them!
I love them!
I will come back to you next time in NYC - of cause!
Best Wishes
Torsten and Eva
Stockholmm, Sweden


It was such a pleasure meeting you and discovering your store.  If you remember, my husband hesitantly bought one of your hats, but ended up loving it so much he wore it every day we were in NY!

Julie Gilley
Irving ,TX

Hi Gina,

I had your business card in my wallet. I purchased a Bailey cap from you
over the Christmas - we were on holidays in New York for 10 day's.

Just e-mailing to say I have used the cap every day since my return to
Ireland - it has rained here non stop since we got back.

Happy New Year and who knows we may be back to New York next summer - your clothes range was very nice. We will bring plenty of dollars next time and
buy some gear.

Bye from Ireland and nice meeting you.

James - Waterford Crystal Limited

 Gina, has a remarkable eye for carrying lines that add a contemporary
splash to a man's wardrobe.  She knows her
customers very well, in terms of
what they like and don't like but she also has a boldness for having her
customers trying to add a new look that they otherwise would not have
picked themselves.  I am always pleased after my day trips to NY to see
Gina, because they are always a "shopping success".  Drake Nicholas

Hi Gina,
It was nice seen you on Saturday of shopping, you  made  my day, also I will like to say thanks for your trust and friendship.
have a nice and busy day!

Dear Gina:
Happy holidays! My name is John Hutchins, the young brother who works for the real estate company near Wall Street. I came into your store awhile back and bought a nice looking shirt from you. I really want to thank you for my purchase. Everyone from friends to family and perfect strangers raves about the shirt. You have some of the most stylish and beautiful clothes (formal and informal) I have seen in one store. Your customer service is great; up close and personal. I will be coming back for more and will be looking forward to being part of your cliental.
You look so beautiful in the clothes that you sport and showcase. You look as classy as the clothes that you sell. You look so good I would not mind taking a lady like you on a date....but anyway as I mentioned before I will be back for your great products. Until then, see ya.
Sincerely,  John

Dear Gina,
We just spoke on the phone.  Thank you so much for you patience and persistence in this "Tie Issue."  It's a pleasure doing business with
you---I feel like I've made a new friend!!!
Looking forward to receiving the ties,....will let you know. Fondly, Jenny

"I want to complement you on your Broome Streets store, Gina Karin Men's Wear, and let you know what a pleasure it was to shop there yesterday (for the first time). I don't know if I've ever walked into a clothing store and fell so in love with so much of the product, and felt as though the offering was also a good value. (I wanted a pair of pants that I had seen in the window while driving by, but I walked out with pants, a sweater, and a scarf). Congratulations on a great shopping experience." M.M.

"I was in your shop, Prince Charles III Men's wear, last weekend with a bunch of friends. I bought the Extra Large Orange Long Sleeve Shirt. You took it off the wall. I love this shirt. Advise if you have any other vibrant colors in the exact same shirt. Let me know. Thanks" J.S.

"Dear Gina Karin: You're a sweetheart. The clothes are great. Women swoon and men are jealous. I, on the other hand, am quite pleased. Please keep me informed about sales and such and have a lovely and prosperous holiday." M.P.

"I have been getting many comments on my shirts and love wearing them. The are so comfortable. The red cotton is fast becoming my favorite. I think I like the traditional cut a little better than the raglan shoulder. All the colors are great though!" S.K.

"Hi Gina Karin: This is from the German guy (couple) who bought the grey trouser and the dark sweater you had to take out of the window because it was the only XL size left. I enjoy wearing both items - good looking and very good quality....whevever I am in N.Y. again, I will check your store again!" W.N., Cologne, Germany

Hi Gina 
Great to see you yesterday, I am very happy with the jacket and jeans....... 
and here is the link 
have a great week-end